Waconda DockMasters, Inc.

Floating Docks

Whether your lifting a 1,500 lbs. Jet Ski, or a 300,000 lbs. Mega-Yacht Neptune Boat Lifts makes the aluminum lift that’s right for you! Located in the heart of South Florida, Neptune Boat Lifts, Inc. specializes in the manufacturing of the first Industrial Duty Boat Lift. With over a century of combined expertise in the marine industry, Neptune’s design and manufacturing team has integrated a fresh modern look with innovative new designs. It is this winning combination that has rapidly propelled Neptune Boat Lifts to the forefront of the industry.

Neptune’s Mission:
     To design, manufacture and implement the highest quality and most reliable boat lifts in the industry.

     Maintain a fair, competitive price while never sacrificing exemplary customer service or product quality.

Waconda DockMasters will help you design a configuration based upon years of experience and knowledge of current permit restrictions for permit approval. We can help you with the permit request creation and submissions.

Waconda DockMasters provides sales, installation and maintenance services for various boat and jet ski lifts. 

Among the lifts available, Waconda is a local dealer for Neptune Boat Lifts.

Waconda DockMasters will design and build floating docks with encapsulated floatation and anchoring systems as appropriate for each location and terrain. Floatation will be configured based on desired usage and frame and decking weights.

Refloats of existing docks are available.  

Design & Permits

Stationary Docks

Waconda DockMasters provides varying degrees of stationary dock construction to meet client desires. All structure uses proper methods for the hydraulic pressures and currents. 

Basic: Frames, poles and underwater braces can allow a clients to "do it yourself" (DIY) for minimum costs of completing decking and roofing. Clients may have other construction providers complete if desired once the basic structure is in place and Waconda DockMasters may assist with barge based boom lifting if needed. Posts heights will be made either for uncovered or roof addition as needed.

Note: If posts are left at height for adding a roof structure, it is highly recommended that banding boards be installed within a reasonable time to avoid posts warping and twisting. Waconda may install banding boards if desired.

Partial: Basic structure plus completed decking, with posts of heights for addition of roofing structure. Banding boards may also be included for roof structure.

Complete: Basic structure plus completed decking and roof structure.  


Waconda DockMasters provides quality docks and lifts throughout Chattanooga, TN. and surrounding areas, including the Tennessee River, Chickamauga and Nickajack Lakes, Hiwassee River, Parksville Lake and others. We specialize in metal frame floating docks, wood & metal frame stationary docks and fixed piers, boat and PWC lifts, encapsulated foam floatation, and a whole lot more. We offer repairs, refloats, and pile driving. May work with you for pile driving, underwater braces, & support frames for client or builder roofing & decking.