Waconda DockMasters, Inc.

In the summer of 1995, when looking to add a covered slip to an existing dock and swim platform, I contacted every one I could find that built residential boat docks in the Chattanooga area. What I found was one builder who had over a year of backlog already. Others had gone out of the business or never answered the phone and returned calls. The one I finally found who said they could do the permits and construction, submitted incorrect permit request and then said they were getting out of the dock business.

At that point, I researched and found a floating dock manufacturer who would sell a "kit" for a bolt together covered slip. So three friends came together to assemble a covered slip on the beach in Waconda Bay on Chickamauga Lake.  During the assembly, a dozen boaters asked us about building docks for them. From this humble start and after receiving calls from the manufacturer, Waconda DockMasters, Inc. was founded.

Having over 20+ years of experience now and having seen many other dock builders come and go, Waconda DockMasters is still committed to what we decided when the business started: We do not build a "cheap" dock. We only use proper construction techniques for the aquatic environment to withstand the hydraulic pressures and changes of seasonal water levels.

Waconda DockMasters has made the most of our 20+ years of experience, improving materials used, techniques and procedures to insure strong results to last decades of use. Duane Pontak, co-owner, will work with you for proper design to fit your needs and requirements for permit approvals.

Waconda started building only floating docks, but expanded to both stationary and floating docks, along with various boat lifts. We work with our customers and suppliers to provide the fit as needed for your situation and location.

Jim Hill


Waconda DockMasters provides quality docks and lifts throughout Chattanooga, TN. and surrounding areas, including the Tennessee River, Chickamauga and Nickajack Lakes, Hiwassee River, Parksville Lake and others. We specialize in metal frame floating docks, wood & metal frame stationary docks and fixed piers, boat and PWC lifts, encapsulated foam floatation, and a whole lot more. We offer repairs, refloats, and pile driving. May work with you for pile driving, underwater braces, & support frames for client or builder roofing & decking.

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